Vaadin 24.4 integrates with React, unifies Flow and Hilla development, and more!

Last call for Java Swing: The costs of tech debt are rising, and it’s time to modernize

 Learn why modernizing legacy Java Swing apps is crucial to cutting costs, enhancing security, and driving innovation.

Tech debt is a massive problem with consequences in store for societies, governments, and individual companies, from small business to enterprise. 

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Latest news on Vaadin Extended Maintenance

Latest news from Extended Maintenance

Vaadin 7 extended maintenance started in March 2019, and Vaadin 8 in February 2022. Vaadin 23 Prime support has just started in March 2024, and Vaadin 14 goes into extended maintenance in August 2024. So, what have we been doing lately? Let's take a look! Taking care of the infrastructure The build ...
Top fullstack Java UI framworks 2024

The best Java UI frameworks for full stack development in 2024

A framework is a collection of predefined code that developers use to create applications. Given Java’s endurance as the programming language of choice for decades, it has many frameworks with pre-existing libraries, classes, and functions. Developers can build applications without having to write ...
Fortify Your Java Web Apps: Expert Security Tips You Can't Afford to Miss

Best practices for Java web application security

Java is platform-independent, robust, and scalable – and it’s widely used across business and enterprise. But is Java secure? At Vaadin, we know that Java is secure by design, but we also know that, just like any other component of the secure development process, security comes down to how Java is ...
Application Modernization: 4 Can’t-Miss Tips for a Successful Transition

Four strategies and best practices for successful app modernization

Cutting-edge applications are necessary to maintain a competitive edge in the post-COVID era. Users today expect lightning-fast load times, intuitive interfaces, and accessibility from any device at any time. Born-in-the-cloud companies can use everything from serverless to artificial intelligence ...
Embrace This Game-Changing Programming Language for Enterprise Applications

Four reasons to choose Java for enterprise application development

The enterprise environment presents a distinct set of demands: scalability to manage large workloads, extremely robust security, and seamless integration with legacy systems. Within this distinct set of demands, Java offers compelling advantages to the enterprise. In this article, we explain why ...
Graphic of a desktop screen with code and the text

Looking for a Java Swing alternative? Consider Vaadin’s modern UI framework

Discover how Vaadin's modern UI framework offers a seamless and advanced alternative to Java Swing for developing desktop and web applications. Is Java Swing still being used? Java Swing was once the go-to for creating desktop applications, but as technology has evolved, it's starting to show its ...
Thank you for joining us at Vaadin Create 2023. See you next year!

Vaadin Create 2023 wrap-up: Recordings now available

Recapping the unforgettable moments from October 24-25, 2023, in Frankfurt, Germany, at the Meliá Frankfurt City Hotel, the Vaadin Create Conference brought together a diverse group of professionals from the Vaadin community. Developers, technology leaders, architects, product owners, designers, ...
Introducing Vaadin's new Low-code to Pro-code tools for Java

Introducing Vaadin’s low-code to pro-code tools for Java: Avoiding lock-in and maintaining flexibility

In an era where software plays a crucial role in customer interactions, business process automation, and competitive differentiation, the interest in low-code development is increasing. With a shortage of skilled developers worldwide, organizations are looking to empower a new breed of users known ...

Unlock the power of user research: Building delightful business applications

With over 20 years of experience in web applications across various business verticals, our Vaadin experts have discovered the remarkable benefits that well-researched and -designed business applications offer. From reducing errors to delivering delightful user experiences, this distinction is ...