Vaadin 24.4 integrates with React, unifies Flow and Hilla development, and more!

Vaadin 24.4 opens the door to the land of React

Vaadin 24.4 opens the door to the land of React

One prominent theme in Vaadin 24.4 is integration with React in various forms. React has grown in popularity to the point where it's currently the most popular UI rendering library for web applications. This means that there's excellent availability of third-party components, learning resources, and experienced developers.

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Hilla is now an integrated part of the Vaadin platform.

Hilla is now an integrated part of the Vaadin platform

I'm happy to announce that we're bringing Hilla back under the Vaadin brand as a part of the Vaadin platform. In addition, we're making it more convenient to configure routing so that new view files are automatically registered as routes. Finally, we'll start recommending signals for UI state ...
See what's new in Vaadin 24.4

Fighting for simplicity with Vaadin 24.4

Twenty-four years ago, we founded Vaadin with the mission to simplify the development of business applications. Thanks to advancements in web and Java platforms, the development experience has improved significantly. However, many challenges persist; creating an outstanding business app for the web ...
Vaadin 14 is reaching it's end of life. Here's what to do next.

Free support for Vaadin 14 is ending. What’s next?

After five years of free support, Vaadin 14 will reach its end of life on August 14th, 2024. While applications developed with the unsupported framework will keep running, security updates, compatibility patches, and other bug fixes will no longer be available for the underlying platform. We ...
An icon of a desktop screen on a purple background with the text

Upgrade your Java desktop app to the web with Vaadin Modernization Toolkit

Vaadin uses Java, and for that reason, it has been a popular choice for migrating Java desktop applications like Swing to the Web. Inspired by the experience of many organizations making the journey to Vaadin, we are pleased to introduce the latest innovation in our offering - the Modernization ...
Free support for Vaadin 23 is coming to an end. Here's how to move forward.

What's next for Vaadin 23 users as free support ends?

As highlighted in our roadmap, free support for Vaadin 23 will conclude on July 11th, 2024. From Vaadin 23 and Hilla 1 onwards, our simpler release model ensures that all major versions receive free support for one year after the release of a new major version. We're committed to helping with ...
Vaadin Flow 24.3

Vaadin Flow 24.3: Enhancing DX, theming upgrades, and Multi-Select Combo Box improvements

We are excited to announce the release of Vaadin Flow 24.3, a significant update that brings a range of improvements and new features to the Vaadin platform. This release focuses on enhancing the developer experience, improving application performance, and expanding the capabilities of Vaadin Flow ...
Try out the new Vaadin Start!

Vaadin Start got a major update: A fresh look, new features, and an improved UX

Discover what's new in Vaadin Start's latest update, featuring fresh light and dark theme options, streamlined project management, and more! Fresh look and feel Experience a fresh look and feel with Vaadin Start's latest update. Now, you can effortlessly switch between light and dark themes to ...
Minifinder Maven Plug-In

V8 Upgrade Automation and the new Minifinder

An important question facing developers with Vaadin 8 applications is how to best upgrade to the latest Vaadin Flow version. There are many ways to go about upgrading, and the choice can take both technical and economic factors into account. When cost concerns dominate, or the Vaadin 8 application ...
Platform release Vaadin Flow 24.2

Vaadin Flow 24.2: Enhanced performance, new UI components, AppSec Kit, and more!

We're excited to announce the release of Vaadin 24.2, our latest iteration, packed with remarkable improvements focused on boosting productivity, enhancing UI components, improving security, and expanding our support for modern web technologies. Here's what you can expect in this update: Faster ...