Vaadin 24.4 integrates with React, unifies Flow and Hilla development, and more!

IZUM's migration from Swing to Vaadin: Modernizing library operations from desktop-to-web

IZUM's Migration from Java Swing to Vaadin Flow: Modernizing library operations from desktop-to-web

Discover how IZUM's migration from Java Swing to Vaadin Flow modernized COBISS Lib by reusing over 90% of existing code and completing the transition in just two years. This update enhanced mobile support and web accessibility, setting the stage to modernize nearly 1500 Slovenian libraries by the end of 2024.

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Norse Feedback

Norse Feedback's Speedy Dashboard Development with a Vaadin Mentor

How Norse Feedback developed a complex dashboard in just four months with the help of a Vaadin Mentor. Norse Feedback, a Norwegian health tech company, is making waves in the SaaS industry with its innovative, dynamic feedback tool for mental health care. 3,000 mental health practitioners in Norway ...
NPR logo on a light red background.

NPR migrated from Vaadin 8 to 14 for enhanced security, faster development, and better UX

By leveraging Vaadin's expertise and tools, NPR successfully migrated ContentDepot from Vaadin 8 to Vaadin 14, modernizing their application and benefiting from the latest features and improvements the Vaadin 14 framework offers. National Public Radio (NPR), a renowned nonprofit media organization, ...

SQACE – The low-code data platform for business and IT built with Vaadin

SQACE is built with Vaadin Flow V24 and Vaadin Charts. The utilization of Vaadin has led to improved efficiency, enabling the team at FINARIS to develop faster with reduced overhead. Continue reading to discover more about the project. The company: A partner of the financial world SQACE is a ...
Cobra Systems logo on a light blue background.

Cobra Systems builds a modern, portable ERP software for the food industry with Vaadin

Cobra Systems is using the latest version of Vaadin Flow to build new, modern ERP software for their customers. The new software will be much more user-friendly and it is set to be released in mid-2023. Read the full story below. The company: A software supplier for the Finnish food industry Cobra ...
NOAA logo on a light blue background

NOAA Is Powering NWS’s Decision Support Services With Vaadin

The National Weather Service of the US Federal Government is currently modernizing their Impact-based Decision Support System from an outdated and cumbersome technology to Vaadin 23. So far, the results have yielded an increase in developer productivity and more efficient development times. NOAA: A ...
Life Support mental health

How Mental Health Check is saving lives with Vaadin

Enabling the right use of resources by building quickly and cost-effectively Sferion is a Calgary-based tech company that got its start building oil and gas software to enable digital transformation within natural resource industries. More recently, Sferion expanded into the medical field and is ...
HDI logo on a light green background

German insurance company HDI achieves a 50% reduction in lines of code by migrating to Vaadin

HDI is in the process of modernizing its business-critical application, Policy. The company migrated the internal application’s client side, originally built on RCP and SWT, to Vaadin Flow V14 to make use of our comprehensive selection of web components. Read the full story below. The company: A ...

CGI automated routine tasks in social and health care

ITTE is a self-service solution for health and social care. The solution enhances and automates customer registration throughout the customer journey and provides information and guidance. The solution automates the routine tasks of professionals, allowing them to focus more on their core tasks. ...

Turo Italia removed 90% of the overhead in reporting of non-conformities

A pioneering developer of pumps for the processing industry Turo Italia has manufactured industrial pumps and valves for many different processing industries for over 50 years. The company is part of the Egger group that has a sales network with global reach. The pumps conform to the demanding ...