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Creating a custom Vaadin UI for an Apache Causeway application

How to create a custom Vaadin UI for an Apache Causeway application

The Apache Causeway project implements the naked objects pattern for Java. In the naked object pattern, the UI is essentially auto-generated based on the domain objects. With only the domain model, and typically some UI hints declared on the domain model, you get a fully functioning UI “for free.” This gives you a nice boost on the developer productivity, in case you don’t have strict requirements on the UI.

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Learn how to open any file with Apache Tika.

Open any file with Apache Tika

I wrote a handy web utility for you. It can read pretty much any file, detect a mime type and some of its other (file-specific) metadata, and preview its content as text. I'm not sure if it is really useful for anybody, but at least I hope it will work as an example of using Apache Tika in your web ...
A minimal OpenID Connect (OIDC)-secured Vaadin Flow application with Spring Boot

A minimal OpenID Connect (OIDC)-secured Vaadin Flow application with Spring Boot

So, do you want or need to build a Java-based web application that is secured by a Single Sign-On (SSO) login? This is a very typical use case where you have part of an application that is not public and requires an authenticated user to access it. You could build a login mechanism yourself, but ...
Minimalist Java apps with Vaadin and Spring AI

Minimalist Java applications with Vaadin and Spring AI

“Fight for Simplicity” has always been our motto. Personally, that has meant I want to keep simplifying my code. This post is an example of that effort. Revisiting AI integration in Vaadin applications A year ago, you could read about Harnessing Generative AI for Business Applications. This ...
Supercharge Your Productivity with These 5 Java Libraries

The 5 best Java libraries for developer productivity

Java libraries enable developers to be more productive than with pure JDK. But not all Java libraries are created equal, and with dozens to choose from, finding the one(s) that will make the biggest impact on your team’s productivity can be a tough task. To help make the decision easier, the team ...
Creating Custom Form Fields in Vaadin

Creating well-behaving form fields using CustomField

Developing well-structured Vaadin applications is essentially composing a lot of well-named custom components. Some of those components have a few more responsibilities than giving order and structure to your codebase – namely fields, the components you use in your forms to edit the properties of ...
4 Simple ways to display geospatial features in Vaadin Flow UIs

Four ways to display geospatial features in Vaadin Flow UIs

Java is a commonly used platform to edit geospatial data. There is almost an overload of various tools and libraries available. There are a number of UI widgets for Vaadin that allow you to plot and even edit geospatial information. The unique architecture of Vaadin Flow also allows you to build ...
Kotlin and Vaadin logos side by side in white

Build modern web apps 100% in Kotlin

Build modern web apps in 100% Java is the tagline often used for Vaadin Flow. By changing the language, this could actually apply to Kotlin as well, known for its Kotlin-to-JavaScript transpilation. Kotlin code can be transpiled to JavaScript for execution in the browser, so one could argue that no ...
Responsive Web Design with Java and Vaadin Flow

Building responsive websites with Java and Vaadin Flow

Responsive web design is an approach to building web applications that dynamically change the size or orientation of the visible elements for ideal viewing on viewports of various sizes. At various breakpoints (developer-defined numerical values of viewpoint dimensions), one may notice menus ...
Persist data with pure Java

Persist your data with pure Java

In the fast-paced world of software development, efficiency and simplicity often dictate a project's success. This is why many Java developers have chosen Vaadin. With Vaadin, you can use a single language and execute your code in a single execution environment to create compelling web UIs. This ...